The Augmented Reality app
for weaning your child off the pacifier

An uplifting story to empower your child
to leave the pacifier behind without fear and tears.

“Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” — Gail Sheehy

The adventurous pacifier

Each day you and your child will discover the places the pacifier has visited and listen to his adventures, looking at the beautiful pictures he has sent you.

Ready to launch!

On launch day, you'll meet the pacifier face to face for a final farewell. With the help of your child the pacifier will blast off into space. Destination: the moon!

Postcards from space

After leaving your child, to stay in touch and wrap up the story, the pacifier will send new pictures from space and from the moon!

Your family story

The story of the pacifier leaving your child will become part of your family's memory trove: a natural tale of separation and friendship.

For Android devices

Binky to the Moon is available on these stores:

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